Ambulatory anesthesia
service in Seville

At Sedalux we are pioneers in the use of ambulatory anaesthesia outside the hospital environment. We offer the best anaesthesia service for tattoos, dental sedation, chronic pain treatment and anaesthesia for gynaecology, revolutionising the sector and improving the quality of life of those who suffer the anxiety of fear of pain.

We democratise the use of anaesthesia to say goodbye to pain once and for all. It is finally possible to get tattoos without pain, to go for a gynaecological check-up with the certainty that you will not feel any pain, and even cosmetic surgery with sedation is now a reality. And the little ones can also forget their fear of pain thanks to our pioneering conscious sedation service in paediatric dentistry, so that visits to the dentist are now child's play... really!

Goodby pain, Hello Sedalux.


No tattoo on goose bumps

Painless tattoos are now a reality. No more half-finished tattoos or not getting tattooed at all for fear of the pain of pricks. Get the tattoo you want on the part of your body you want!


No fear and no

Conscious sedation in paediatric dentistry is another of the services we offer in Seville, to finally say goodbye to pain and that going to the dentist is no longer a suffering.


Don't let the pain sink your tooth.

Thanks to dental conscious sedation, any dental procedure can be carried out without pain, so there is no longer any excuse for not going to the dentist and not wearing a smile!


There is no muscle
we can't relax

We know how important it is to treat pain, which is why at Sedalux we offer the best solutions to say goodbye to pain also in physiotherapy. Enjoy totally relaxed muscles without pain or discomfort!


To show off
you don't have to suffer.

If you want to have a body enhancement but the pain is what's holding you back... we've got good news! Now, thanks to Sedalux, cosmetic surgery with sedation is a reality, so you can show off your body without pain!


The most intimate

In the most intimate areas, what every woman wants is peace of mind and confidence, and at Sedalux we help you to achieve both thanks to the application of our anaesthesia service in gynaecology. Enjoy total peace of mind!


The treatment of pain at Sedalux has taken a 180º turn thanks to the application of ambulatory anaesthesia outside the hospital environment, a service that benefits both patients and professionals. A new concept that democratises the advantages of anaesthesia for tattoos, gynecological procedures, dental interventions in adults and children, cosmetic surgery... Goodbye to pain forever!

At Sedalux you will find the best and most professional dental sedation service, conscious sedation in paediatric dentistry and anaesthesia for tattoos, chronic pain treatment and cosmetic surgery. See who already uses our services!

Tattoo studios and clinics

By applying anaesthesia for tattoos, anyone can have the tattoo of their dreams, no matter how big it is or how delicate the skin in the area to be tattooed is.


Say goodbye to pain NOW! Thanks to Sedalux, enjoy the most effective pain treatment and never be afraid to go to the dentist or gynaecologist again. 



If you are an anaesthesiologist and you are looking for a little flow in your career, Sedalux is your place! Manage your time and your agenda with total freedom.


If you are curious or want to know more about how our services can help you.
do not hesitate to contact us: call us or fill out this form.
We will be happy to answer all your questions. ;)



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Where to find us?

As the first ambulatory anesthesia service outside the hospital setting,
at Sedalux we bring anesthesiology and pain management to...
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