At Sedalux we are specialists in anesthesiology, resuscitation and pain therapy.

Ambulatory Anesthesia service in Valencia

As quality referents already consolidated in all those environments of habitual use, we want to take anesthesia to unconventional application spaces, transporting the security and tranquility of the operating room where you need it most.
We will democratize anesthesia so that you have freedom of choice to make your own decisions without fear of suffering. For this, Sedalux offers a wide range of anesthetic services in Valencia with which you can forget about those fears or concerns.

Bye pain, hello Sedalux.


No tattoo on goose bumps.

Don't let your desire to capture art on your skin be frustrated by fear of pain. Our anesthesia service for tattoos in Valencia, leader in painless tattoos, opens the doors to achieve it.


No fear and no discomfort.

A child who is not afraid is a child who does not suffer. No more crying for fear of the dentist thanks to our conscious sedation service in pediatric dentistry in Valencia.


Don't let the pain sink your tooth.

Dental phobia? Let's make it a thing of the past. Our conscious sedation dentistry service in Valencia will teleport you to a pleasant experience.


There is no muscle
we can't relax.

Forget about carrying that heavy load with you. We integrate to your physiotherapeutic plan a medical-interventionist strategy with the objective of treating pain in a global way.


To show off,
you don't have to suffer.

No more suffering to overcome our complexes or correct our imperfections. With our anesthesia service in medicine and cosmetic surgery you can show off your best version without losing your smile.


The most intimate

Your body, your decision. For the right to freely decided maternity and for the protection of your reproductive health we offer you our anesthesia services in gynecology in Valencia.

Key figures in the struggle against pain

First ambulatory anesthesia service outside the hospital setting. Pioneers in many ways. We take anesthesia out of its usual environment because we want you to know its true power: transforming pain into peace of mind. Who can hire our services?

Tattoo studios and clinics

Do you need the work of a professional anesthesiologist in your clinic or tattoo studio? We will be happy to collaborate!


If you are a patient and do not want to feel pain when getting a tattoo, undergoing surgery or a medical intervention: we are the best solution to transform a painful experience into a pleasant one.



If you are a professional anesthesiologist and want to practice your profession with total freedom and no strings attached... Sedalux offers you everything you've always wanted.

We resolve your doubts

If you're curious or want to know more about how our services can help you, don't hesitate to contact us here.
We'll be delighted to answer your questions ;)
Call us or fill out this form and get in touch with us.


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Where to find us?

As the first ambulatory anesthesia service outside the hospital setting,
at Sedalux we bring anesthesiology and pain management to...
These are our main locations:








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