At Sedalux we are specialists in anesthesiology, resuscitation and pain management.


As leaders in the ambulatory anesthesia services segment, at Sedalux we stand out for our efficiency and humane treatment in each intervention, maintaining our ambitious goal of expanding the application of anesthesia to less conventional contexts, and bringing the safety and tranquility of the operating room wherever they are needed.

Our proposal is clear: to make anesthesia accessible to everyone, making it easier for you to make decisions and avoiding any fear. At Sedalux we offer you a wide range of anesthetic services in Madrid, designed to leave behind any worries you may have. We want you to enjoy the freedom to choose and make decisions without fear, bringing the advantages of safe anesthesia to any situation where pain is a barrier, so that it never will be again!

Bye pain, Hello Sedalux.


No tattoo on goose bumps

Don't let the fear of pain be an obstacle. Our innovative tattoo anesthesia service in Madrid is a leader in painless tattooing, providing the opportunity to achieve it all in a single day.


No fright, no discomfort

A child who experiences no fear is a child who does not suffer. Thanks to our specialized conscious sedation service in pediatric dentistry in the Community of Madrid, we manage to bid farewell to the distress and tears caused by the fear of the dentist.


Don't let the pain sink into your teeth

Do you have dental phobia? Let's completely eradicate it! With our conscious sedation service in dentistry in Madrid, we will make your dental experience more pleasant and relaxed, without you having to worry about anything.


There is no muscle we can't relax

Free yourself from that heavy burden. With our pain treatment service, we will ensure that your muscles relax completely by integrating a medical-interventionist strategy into your physiotherapeutic plan.


To show off,
you don’t need to suffer

Stop suffering to overcome your insecurities or simply to look better. Thanks to our anesthesia service in aesthetic medicine and surgery, you can present your best version without losing your smile. It's that easy!


The most intimate

The choice is yours when it comes to your body. We advocate for the right to freely decide on motherhood and the safeguarding of your reproductive health, offering our anesthesia services in gynecology in Madrid to accompany you in the process.

Leaders in Madrid in the fight against pain

At Sedalux, we provide outpatient anesthesia services outside the hospital setting in the Community of Madrid. "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." That's why we have decided to take anesthesia beyond its usual environment so that you can experience its true power: to transform and reverse past negative experiences... because PAIN IS NO LONGER IN FASHION. Who can benefit from our services?

Clinics and tattoo studios

If you need a professional anesthesiologist in Madrid for your clinic or tattoo studio, we will be there. We will work with you to say goodbye to pain.


No more suffering from the fear of pain. With Sedalux, you can get a tattoo and forget about the pain of the whole process, undergo surgery without fear of pain or any medical intervention in which pain is a problem. We'll turn your experience upside down.



Are you an anesthesiologist and want to work without ties, with absolute freedom and managing your own work and time? At Sedalux we have just what you are looking for.

We resolve your doubts

If you're curious or want to know more about how our services can help you, don't hesitate to contact us here.
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Where to find us?

As the first ambulatory anesthesia service outside the hospital setting,
at Sedalux we bring anesthesiology and pain management to...
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